Adult Nursing Services in Long Island

Adult Home Care Nursing

Serene Home Nursing Agency is a full-service, state of the art, licensed home health care agency, serving Queens and Long Island, New York. Our nurses are highly trained professionals who specialize in home care nursing.

General Nursing Services

Serene Home Nursing Agency specializes in providing home care services to patients with long-term health care needs, permanent disabilities, acute illnesses or terminal illnesses. Our home care services often include post-surgery care, post-acute rehabilitation, treatment of ongoing progressive illnesses or care required after an injury. Serene Home Nursing Agency has many Registered Nurses, as well as Licensed Practical Nurses, who are highly skilled in all areas of the nursing/healing arts. Our home care nurses are experienced at providing general nursing assessments and skills such as physical assessments, vital sign monitoring, tracheostomy care, G-tube Care, disease process management, seizure disorders, medication management, educational training and preventive medicine. We provide trained and experience nurses, to deliver high quality home care services to communities in Queens, Nassau county, Suffolk county and eastern Long Island.



Ventilator / Tracheostomy Care Services

Our Director of Patient Services is a life long advocate for patients requiring ventilator care and support. All nurses who work directly with ventilator dependent patients complete an extensive educational training program on-site at Serene Home Nursing Agency.


Our director has volunteered for years in the community to help people who are paralyzed and/or dependent on a respirator. Our director is passionate and committed to assuring that those in need receive the quality of care they deserve. Our highly trained home care nursing staff is dedicated to helping each patient live an independent, active and fulfilled life, while maintaining their dignity.

Wound Care Specialists

Our wound care specialists offer skilled, professional, home care services for our clientele in need of wound care services in their Queens, Suffolk and Nassau county homes. We are proficient in wound management/healing, wound VACS, Ostomy care, risk assessment and pressure prevention.  All of our wound care nurses monitor the nutritional and hydration status of wound care patients, as these factors strongly influence the healing process.


Facility Staffing 

Serene Home Nursing Agency takes pride in knowing that not only do we provide the highest level of care for our patients but we provide the highest quality staff to facilities, assisted living communities and rehabilitation centers when they need it most! Serene Home Nursing Agency understands that our nurses appreciate the opportunity to work in multiple settings and although a nurse may work in home care, many take advantage of the option to work in a facility setting part time , per diem or even full time should they choose.